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Use the form below to register on-line for 2011-2012 with a billing address or purchase order number:

Some pop-up blockers and security programs on computers may not allow the registration information to be transmitted. After you register, please e-mail the State Director at to notify her of your registration to ensure that the registration has gone through.

The billing agent you specify on the form will be notified and billed by North Carolina Future Problem Solving. Coach materials and everything you will need to compete in NC FPS will be mailed upon receipt of a purchase order number or check. If you prefer to mail in the registration fee, make checks payable to North Carolina Future Problem Solving.

Registering for North Carolina Future Problem Solving is as easy as completing the on-line form below and clicking the "submit order" button. Your order will be sent directly to the State Director for processing. You may include a school division purchase order number (PO#) if you like.

Complete the information below to register for NC FPS: