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Blueprint for Novel Study

A Letter to Teachers
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Point in Time: Blueprint for Novel Study will enable you and your students to explore what inspires or intrigues each of you about a novel, its author and the message it conveys.  Presented with a focus on the interdisciplinary, the information and activities offered here equip your students with the nuts and bolts needed to explore ideas and background investigations inspired by their novel study.



The book provides step-by-step instructions with rubrics, overheads, handouts, and self-assessment tools. A CD is available with all the files in MS Word format that can be edited by you! 

Point in Time: Blueprint for Novel Study presents ideas for shared inquiry, novel presentations, writing reaction papers, and strategies and techniques that incorporate creativity and critical thinking to enhance novel study. Also included are teacher-designed structures and rubrics that will help you communicate with your students what you expect and how they can accomplish it.  These activities will guide students to use analytical thinking, creative insight, and interdisciplinary activities to interact with the material and present their ideas effectively.


Blueprint presentation at 2008 NCAGT Conference in Winston-Salem, NC

v  Sandra Horton, author and consultant

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