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Websites and Articles to explore

Internet Links Policy: We strongly advise coaches to screen all publications prior to making them accessible to students. North Carolina Future Problem Solving provides links to web sites and articles as a service to coaches. We disavow any responsibility for specific content or links to other sites within our suggested links. Adult supervision is recommended.

Wikipedia Genetic Testing: a good overview of the topic, with each type of the genetic testing explained

Overview of Genetic Testing: A primer on genetic testing from the National Health Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) with questions raised by genetic testing and legislation

Genetics Home Reference: advances and potential of genetic testing including breaking news on the topic.

The Universe of Genetic Testing: genetic testing trends with advances and potential of genetic testing including breaking news on the topic.

Genetics and the Future of Medicine: Genetics 101--scan e complete article for a comprehensive, yet basic, overview of how testing and the human genome interconnect.

News in Health: The Future of Genetic Testing: A National Institute of Health (NIH) report on genetic testing that seeks to separate fact from fiction and realistic potential from fantasy.

Genetic Testing and the Law: a report from the US Department of Justice that investigates the legal implications of genetic testing.

What are the Risks of Gene Testing: risks and dangers of genetic testing from various perspectives.

Disease Risk--Family History Trumps Genetic Testing: Can we depend too much on science instead of history and common sense? The Huffington Post Nov 10, 2010

Human Genome Project: major US government site devoted to research surrounding the Human Genome Project.

Genetic Testing for Children: Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)

Discrimination as a consequence of genetic testing: a seven page article that examines this situation written by genetic researchers and doctors in 1992. Are these same concerns still in effect 19 years later?

CNN Health Genetic Testing: the Future is Here An article from 1998--see what advances the last 12 years have brought.

Walgreens to sell genetic test kits for predisposition to diseases, drug response: May 11, 2010 The Huffington Post

Walgreens will NOT stock genetic test without "further clarity": May 12, 2010 What a difference a day makes.

Is your DNA dangerous to your health? Huffington Post follow-up to Walgreen's decision and the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) input Jun 18 2010

Genetic Testing: the end of private health insurance?