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Practice Problem #2:

Air Transport

Websites and Articles to explore

Internet Links Policy: We strongly advise coaches to screen all publications prior to making them accessible to students. North Carolina Future Problem Solving provides links to web sites and articles as a service to coaches. We disavow any responsibility for specific content or links to other sites within our suggested links.

Future Airports at Airport -- an elaborate evaluation of airport issues and recommendations for future design.

Airports of the Future: The Development of Airport Systems - Special future airport edition of the website for the airport industry

North Carolina Department of Transportation Division of Aviation

Federal Aviation Administration - News and information about the agency that regulates air traffic in America

Air Transport Association - Airllne trade association website

Can aviation take off in turbulent times? -- Challenges and possible solutions in the airline industry

Transportation Security Administration (TSA): US Department of Homeland Security -- a rich source of information concerning air safety from the US government's agency charged with protecting the nation's transportation system .

Ready for Take-Off: Passenger Planes for the Twenty-First Century -- Research on the futuristic aircraft currently being developed by Boeing and Airbus

More Planes Grounded after Qantas Finds Leaked Oil in three Rolls Royce Jet Engines

Qantas Airbus Problem: Airline Grounds all A380s after Engine Fire The Huffington Post

Solar Plane Test Flight  The Huffington Post

Airbus Imagines an INVISIBLE Passenger Plane-- What will airplanes look like in2050? The Huffington Post

Farnborough International Air Show unveils the concept plane of the future

Airbus Concept has Weird Wings, Morphing Seats -- AUTOPIA at The “what-if” exercise continues with the possibility that fuel cells, solar cells and even passengers’ body heat could provide energy for some (presumably non-essential) systems.

Concept Plane Airbus unveiled this 2030 concept plane at the 2010 Farnborough International Airshow -- POPSCI The Future Now

Airbus's Blue Sky Thinking -- The Economist

The Future by AIRBUS -- Airbus promotional material

Incredible Planes from the Future (Photos) -- The Huffington Post