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Changing the World One Problem at a Time

Michigan State University

Lansing, Michigan

May 29-June 1, 2008

Smith Academy of International Languages

Charlotte, NC


JUNIOR DIVISION Community Problem Solving


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Teams apply their FPS skills to real problems in their community. A community problem is a problem that exists within the school, local community, region, state or nation. Implementation of the action plan is included in this component. Teams move from hypothetical issues to real world, authentic concerns. The top Community Problem Solving Team projects are invited to the FPSP International Conference in June.

Education Category
Coaches Heather Lynch and John Bush

The RESPECTATORS at Smith Academy noticed that many negative behaviors stem from respect issues among people; therefore, the RESPECTATORS chose to investigate the roots of disrespect and educate others to bring about positive changes in behaviors. We created presentations about friendship, fights, gossip, and respect for our sixth grade students. We also researched, organized, and implemented a middle school Challenge Day to help all students demonstrate team building skills and encourage respect for other cultures. Through our multiple ideas and activities, we are changing how our school and community values respect towards others.